So you got a 2:2, Now What?

I must hear this question at least 10 times in a week. “PsychAssist, I got a 2:2, my Psychology Career is over before it’s begun, what can I do?” The short answer is, YOU CAN DO A LOT WITH A 2:2, it just means the already difficult road ahead, just got a little harder. Within this post we will discuss the 4 things you need to do if you received a 2:2 classification in your undergraduate degree. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world and here’s why……


Have you asked this question before? Maybe you’ve heard this from other? If so check out the 5 Myth Busters for Psychology Graduates  to clear up any other Myths you might have heard.

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Breath, Relax and Think

Now this may sound very basic (and even counterproductive) but it’s absolutely essential that you don’t make rash decisions at this point. Most likely your devastated as you know you could have got that 2:1 if you could go back and do it again. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you take a step back at this point and really consider if a career in Psychology is really for you. Take a break from Psychology for a while if you have to and focus on other things. It may be that you come back to Psychology after a short break in a better place and ready to take on the world.


Top Tip: This isn’t to say you will never make it in Psychology with a 2:2, it simply suggests taking some time out to refresh your mind and body after a gruelling 3 years to come back stronger. On the bright side, you have accreditation from the BPS which is essential in any future career options down the line.


Gain Experience

Ok, hopefully you have taken advice number 1 and your feeling refreshed and ready to come back to Psychology. Now you need to gain some experience which unfortunately will be slightly harder than your 2:1 achieving friends. Don’t worry though, there are lots of Graduates who obtained that elusive Assistant Psychologist role with a 2:2 and I have every faith you will as well. Check out the 5 Tips on Getting that Assistant Psychologist Job for more tips and hints.


Top Tip: Let’s put a pin in applying for AP roles for the moment and let’s look at gaining some support work/HCA experience. This will not only enhance your clinical skills, the experience you gain in these roles will be so much more valuable than anything you have learnt at undergraduate.



Now, here’s the bad news. It’s more than likely that since you received a 2:2, universities will require you to demonstrate your academic abilities with a high-grade in an MSc (Merit or above). This is your opportunity to show them what you’re made of and make amends for you undergraduate classification. Basically show them how much potential you have and use this as motivation in those late nights in the library. Check out the Timeline of a Psychology Graduate to see if your on the right path to success in Psychology.


Top Tips: DO NOT GO STRAIGHT INTO A MSC FROM YOUR UNDERGRADUATE!! I can’t stress this enough. This is both costly and risky. Go out into the field and see if this is something you actually want to do. This WILL save you so much time and money in the long run.


Tactical Applications

Hopefully, by this point you will be ready both academically (Merit at MSc level) and clinically to apply for the relevant Doctorate. However, the work doesn’t stop here; you need to start applying tactically. This means to seek out the Universities that are sympathetic to people in your situation. There’s no point in applying for a university when they explicitly state they DO NOT ACCEPT THOSE WITH A 2:2; instead you should look for those that welcome applicants with a 2:2 and also have a good MSc grade.


Top Tip: Give the University a call or go visit them in person. Ask the question “I have a 2:2 with this experience, what are my chances?” depending on the response, you will know if you have a chance with that University. Degree classifications don’t matter once you get to interviews anyway.  


Thank you for reading this weeks post by PsychAssist.


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