Why you DON’T Need an MSc in Psychology

Previously PsychAssist wrote an article on the 5 Reasons why you should have a Masters in Psychology which received a lot of attention and sparked a lot of conversations. Nevertheless, since that article was published, we have been inundated with enquiries from Students and Graduates wanting to know if their situation warranted an MSc. This gave us an idea. The only information currently out there are University propaganda campaigns that lure unsuspecting Psychology Graduates to spend even more money on a MSc course, even when they DON’T need one. Within this post, we will discuss the 3 reasons why you DON’T need an MSc in Psychology (Universities are going to hate me for this…….).


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Good Undergraduate Grade

This is the most obvious reason why you don’t need an MSc in Psychology. Yet many graduates who come out with a good 2:1 (or even a 1st) still think they need to go back to university to complete a master. This shouldn’t be the case as to get anywhere in Psychology, a good 2:1 is all you need. I know so many really amazing psychologists (from all disciplines) that don’t have an MSc, and that wasn’t an issue for them when gaining experience, or even getting onto any their doctorate courses. Remember this next time your panicking about not getting a job after university.

Top Tip: Work your socks off at Undergraduate level, as gaining that 2:1 will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. An MSc is a lot harder than undergraduate so save yourself the stress and get a good grade now.


Experience over Academia

I can’t say this enough!! It doesn’t matter how many degrees or qualifications you have, if you haven’t got experience, YOU WILL STRUGGLE!! Everybody knows that experience trumps academia. Take this for an example. When I got my first Assistant Psychologist position, I went up against candidates who had higher degree grades than me, along with some that had completed MSc’s. None of that mattered once it came to the interview day (as I was able to draw upon lots of experiences I had as a support worker). Clearly those candidates made the crucial mistake of valuing academia over experience.


Top Tip: If you’re a graduate with a good 2:1 at undergraduate, STOP WASTING TIME AND GO GET SOME EXPERIENCE! There are lots of graduates that almost hide in the Student bubble as they don’t know what to do next. You have to enter the “Grown-Up” world eventually so why don’t you check out the PsychAssist content and unlock your potential.


Clear Path

I can’t stress this enough! IF YOU’RE UNSURE OF WHAT TO DO, DON’T UNDERGO AN MSc! I remember speaking to a psychology graduate who didn’t know what to do after graduation. All she knew was that she wanted to help the police solve crimes and work with offenders. So what did she do? She completed a criminology MSc. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds very similar to a Forensic Psychologist. The point of this story is that because she didn’t know what she wanted to do, she rushed into an MSc and now regrets her choice. This is actually quite common within Psychology Graduates which costs them a lot of time and money.

I know from experience how scary that summer is after you finish University as there is a lot of uncertainty. Just remember, even if you don’t go for an MSc within that year, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for it next year.


Top Tip: DON’T PANIC BUY! If you’re not 100% certain that this is what you want to do, hold off for a year. Gain some experience in the meantime as you never know you may change your mind. I guarantee if you wait and you still want to do that MSc, you will be more motivated and focused which will inevitably earn you a better grade.



Thank you for reading this week’s article by PsychAssist and look out for the latest posts EVERY MONDAY EVENING!




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