What Will Psychology Look Like In 2030?

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Lately, we’ve been noticing some trends within the world of psychology which are very exciting. So much so that we thought that we should write an article on the topic (partly to give you information and partly to say “we told you so” in 10 years’ time). With the ever-changing world, we know how scary it can be to try to navigate through and succeed within this space. That’s why we thought we’d give you our thoughts and predictions on things to look out for in the years to come.

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The Rise of Cyber Psychology

For many of you reading, this may be the first time you’ve heard of Cyber Psychology but it’s something we’ve kept a close eye on for some time. Think about it! It makes total sense for psychologists to start exploring our online behaviours as we are spending more and more time online. We actually heard of a student doing her PhD solely on how we behave on Twitter (which sounds so cool!). Also with rapid changes within technology and social media; Cyber Psychology has all the potential to become the leading sector within psychology.

PsychAssist Tip: This sector not only excites us for psychological reasons, but it could also be very lucrative. Personally, we predict that in the next 10 years, major companies will be seriously investing in experienced Cyber Psychologists rather than “social media experts” as the level of training and understanding can’t be compared. Nevertheless, this sector is still in its infancy and needs a lot of time before it truly establishes itself within this space.  

“honestly, we don’t see clinical psychology surviving for much longer”

                                                PsychAssist 2018

The Rise of Health Psychology

With the power of social media shedding its light on society, we are slowly becoming a more health conscious species. With this, there has been a steady rise of demand for Health Psychologists that can come in and develop behavioural interventions within a specific population. Now before you start thinking about becoming a Health Psychologist, just know that there is only one thing that is holding this sector back! There are too many Health Psychologists solely conducting research and not enough clinicians practicing in the field. Ok, yes research is really important, however there needs to be some action that follows this and preferably by the practitioner that has a really good understanding of health behaviours.

PsychAssist Tip: If there are more PRACTICING Health Psychologists, then this sector would have the potential to overtake Clinical Psychology as one of the most desired sectors of Psychology. Health Psychology covers all basis in terms of Physical Health and also Mental Health which ultimately makes them highly desirable to commissioning bodies. Bottom line is, this sector has a very bright future within the field of psychology.

The Decline of Clinical Psychology

Now before you freak out about this section, just carry on reading before you make up your mind. Most of the PsychAssist team have aspirations of becoming clinical psychologists; however, by being in the profession, you can’t help but notice some uncertainties. One major uncertainty is that many other mental health professionals have, in essence stolen certain job roles previously exclusive to clinical psychologists. The very fact that we have Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Mental Health Nurses all conducting psychological assessments and interventions is a worry (not questioning their competencies but this was something that psychologists would only do 10 years ago). This is happening almost on a yearly basis which alongside the growing perception of Clinical Psychologists being an expensive discipline; makes us believe that Clinical Psychologists could potentially be on the decline.

PsychAssist Tip: We would still encourage anyone to go for the Clinical Psychology Doctorate course as, even though we are constantly under attack; Clinical Psychology has withstood the test of time on countless occasions. The reason why we included this section was to raise awareness of what is happening in plain view and how we as psychologists are allowing this to happen. If we do not come together as a profession and express that enough is enough, then honestly, we don’t see clinical psychology surviving for much longer.



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  1. gurpreetik says:

    Hoping you will follow my page and I could do a future collaboration of my journey since undergraduate to trainee psychologist, tips for future individuals 👍🏽☺️


  2. As someone that’s just completed their Stage 1 Training in Health Psychology, this has definitely dampened my worries about my future career, when right now little jobs advertise or recognise health psychology as what they need. This especially as I am desperate to be a practitioner, to use what I have learned to make real world change and help people. Thanks for this! – Andrew


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