How Health Psychology Should Dominate Instagram Culture

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Previously, we wrote an article called “What Will Psychology Look Like In 2030?” which received a lot of attention! In particular the point around Health Psychology becoming a huge part of the field. Within this article, we will explore how we think this will happen and also how Health Psychology should pivot into the mainstream.  Spoiler alert! Social media (especially Instagram) will be the key to unlock Health Psychology’s potential.

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Using Social Media

There appears to be a myth in our profession that you shouldn’t be on social media. This is such an outdated view point as social media is the tool to implement massive change in this world. This is why we believe that it is in fact Instagram that has the potential to revolutionise the field of Health Psychology. Instagram is where many individuals go to find inspiration and information on health and fitness (they even have a tab on the explore page for this). If used in the correct way, Health Psychologists could use the platform to showcase their research in an aesthetically pleasing way. Imagine the impact that you could have on the world if people could see a pretty picture explaining how stress seriously correlates with heart disease. Health Psychologists have the skills at their fingertips however many will shy away from the digital age in fear they will be reprimanded by their peers. Once Health Psychology clinicians overcome these barriers, there will be a further spike in its popularity.

PsychAssist Tip: Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat also have the ability to reach a younger audience which aids awareness raising at an early age. The clinician that has the ability and courage to innovate in this way will certainly have the upper hand by the year 2030.  

“Everyone is called crazy until they’re called a pioneer”

                  PsychAssist (2018)

World Health Kick

Ok, so as you may be aware, health and fitness has become increasingly popular over the last decade. I remember many old school TV shows that would actively make fun of people going to the gym and trying to get fit and healthy. This is not the case these days as getting into shape and taking your health seriously is seen as the norm and this could be where Health Psychology comes in. One of the main principles of Health Psychology is to use psychological theories to promote physical health and to develop interventions to impact the health of the population. Surprisingly, this becomes so much easier when you have the attention of current trends such as the acceptability of looking after yourself.

PsychAssist Tip: This could potentially be a good avenue for Psychology students as it could be a matter of time before Health Psychologists are regularly commissioned to complete frequent and extensive work with populations with their health goals.

“Imagine being an influencer in reducing childhood obesity”

   PsychAssist (2018)

Perceived Experts

With any topic there are perceived experts. This is no different in the world of health! However, it does appear that the “perceived experts” within this field are individuals with no formal training or education and often don’t know the topic in detail. This can be very dangerous but also an opportunity for future Health Psychologists to fill the gaps in the market. Imagine being an influencer in reducing childhood obesity and people looking to you for advice and support. Imagine your years of training and experiences give you the confidence to do your work competently. Now imagine a person with no qualifications or experience of the subject posting a few inspirational pictures on social media and being seen as leading expert in your field. Unfortunately this is what’s happening and it’s time for future Health Psychologists to start taking action.

PsychAssist Tip: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there if you feel you have the right skills and qualifications to speak on the topic. It may be that you start out with correcting false information that people may be reading (in a nice way of course) to help build your confidence. Bottom line is that everyone is called crazy until they’re called a pioneer.  



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