Life Of A Psychology Graduate: Serkan’s Story

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Since we started this journey of providing valuable information to Psychology Graduates, we have often received messages about how difficult the journey can be. Since one of the PsychAssist team got onto the doctorate we thought it might be good to bring you weekly updates from a Psychology Graduate on his journey through this crazy career path. Meet Serkan! He’s a psychology graduate with an MSc! He will provide updates on his journey but for the time being, here’s a little introduction to who he is….


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Setting the scene…

What’s up guys!?

It’s Serkan and from now on I’m striving to prepare bi-weekly articles for you. Before I forget many thanks to PsychAssist for giving me this opportunity! “What will be the running theme?” I hear you ask. Essentially, I’ll be sharing my reflections from work experience and life in general as a Psychology postgraduate. I promise to keep the content I share as interesting, varied and down to earth as possible! At this point may I say that I am more than open to your feedback so long as it is constructive and thought-provoking.:D

So let’s begin with a few points to help you gain a better idea of who I am:

1. I’m a gentleman in his 20s observing society

2. Gym is an addiction, travelling means inspiration

3. Friends often highlight that I’m talkative (can be excessive at times :P)

4. Sitting down for long hours thinking over a single task isn’t my thing (need to be active!)

5. I completed a BSc Psychology degree and a Clinical Psychology MSc

In relation to the last point, I’ve been questioning everything since a young age…to the extent that relatives have been like “Serkan wouldn’t life be easier if you just accepted stuff?” haha! But eeeerm, no. I HAVE TO INVESTIGATE why people think and behave in certain ways. I HAVE TO CHALLENGE things that just don’t seem right. I HAVE TO DISCOVER who I am. Gradually I’ve realised that the answers are far more complex than I once thought- multiple intertwined factors are in play- personality types, crowd behaviour, mental health, upbringing, cognitive biases and culture, just to name a few. But one day I’ll have most, if not all, of the answers. Studying Psychology at Uni level and working in Clinical settings has certainly added light to my path.

Now documenting snippets of my life for you guys, curious minds immersed in the same science, will shift the exploration game to a whole new dimension… do join me in this exciting process and hopefully, these articles will prove beneficial for you too! 🙂



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