Why The Clinical Doctorate Isn’t For Me….Serkan’s Story

3 thoughts on “Why The Clinical Doctorate Isn’t For Me….Serkan’s Story”

  1. This is literally my struggle right now – I keep being pushed towards a Clinical Doctorate by all the professionals (and family, similar cultural background too) around me but I’m a little half-hearted as the competition is steep and the reward is not truly guaranteed.

    I loved academia, but again, it’s not my be all end all. Plus I had a scare from a really terrible supervisor which has made me slightly apprehensive about applying to certain PhDs unless I know the supervisor on a personal level. Alongside the PhD struggle is the amount of differing PhDs, some are super broad, others so focused. I feel like taking a break and re-focusing myself – but then the fear of seeming half-hearted and not focused by potential supervisors/courses is on my mind. I feel like I’m going to explode in confusion soon enough.

    I decided to try once more for the Doctorate, I got to interviews last year – so hoping to do better this year, as last year was quite last minute decisions (I didn’t feel like I had enough experience). If I don’t get it I’m going to explore different areas and just see what clicks for me. Fingers crossed a good job comes along! I’m really happy to read something like this, would definitely love to have more posts detailing your career endeavours.


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