Why Assistant Psychologist Positions Are Dying Out!

5 thoughts on “Why Assistant Psychologist Positions Are Dying Out!”

  1. What other roles do you suggest prospective clinpsychs look for? I find that up north there’s rarely an AP posts and people always suggest support worker roles instead. However I dont feel comfortable doing a social work role that requires feeding and bathing and isnt related to what I wish to do as a psych.


    1. Hey check this article out! Should help https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/psychassistblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/6-jobs-for-a-psychology-graduate-straight-out-of-university/amp/ plus not all support worker jobs involve personal care and is a job that around 90% of psychologists have had as a starting point in their careers. If you need some support in this then follow us on any of our social media platforms (twitter,Instagram,LinkedIn,Facebook) and send us a DM so we can help 😁


      1. Thanks for the response, just a quick follow up to that. I find that every support worker role in my area and within a 50 mile radius all include personal care and its really put me off looking at them. I’m yet to see one advertised that does not include a form of personal care I’m not comfortable with.


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