100th PsychAssist Article! Where We’ve Come And Where We’re Going

Hello and WELCOME to the 100tharticle for PsychAssist. This is an incredible milestone and we wanted to celebrate this the only way we know how (with an article of course). Within this article, we wanted to share with our readers on how we’ve helped shape the world of psychology in our own unique way along with what our plans are for the future. We also wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone that has ever liked/shared/commented on anything that we have produced! WE DO THIS FOR YOU! Here’s to the next 100 articles!

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Guiding Light

Now, one of the main reasons why we started PsychAssist back in 2017 was due to the serious lack of information on the internet for Psychology Graduates. This made no sense to us as there appeared to be an abundance of information for other subjects on the internet but as usual, Psychology was still in the stone ages. I started PsychAssist with the intention of writing one article to signpost people who were asking me about Assistant Psychologist jobs. Now 100 articles in, PsychAssist has become a guiding light for thousands of Psychology Students/Graduates trying to navigate through this crazy career path. This also spiraled into our followers sending us DM’s on our social media sights to gain more specific advice on their situation. This wasn’t planned but has easily become one of the most enjoyable aspects of PsychAssist, especially when we receive the news that one of our readers got the job or got onto the course. This is hands down the root reason we do this on a daily basis.

“We wish that someone came into our University years ago and did this”

   PsychAssist (2018)

University/Conference Talks

This is another aspect that we at PsychAssist did not envision. We are so thankful to be in a position were Universities and organisations are actively seeking us out to talk at their events. This is a huge honor and one that we do not take for granted. The main mantra for the PsychAssist team when getting up on stage is to provide as much value as possible. Recently, we did a talk at a packed lecture theatre for a university and the whole game plan was to talk about ourselves as little as possible and to go straight into a Q&A to help people in the audience as much as possible. We wish that someone came into our University years ago and did this instead of just talking about what they’ve done in their career. This was highlighted in the feedback from students and hopefully, we can carry this on in the talks we’ve got scheduled in 2019.

“One of the ideas that we have been toying with is to start a PsychAssist Podcast”

  PsychAssist (2018)

Future Plans

So, one of the main messages within the PsychAssist team is to never rest on our laurels. We always look to the future of how we can improve and how we can grow to help as many people as possible. One of the ideas that we have been toying with is to start a PsychAssist Podcast bringing you discussions around different mental health issues along with utilising some of our popular connections within the psychology world. This is something that we have been discussing for a while and could be starting sometime in 2019.

Another idea is to expand on our university tour to hold talks in various venues that anyone can attend and not just the psychology students at that university. This is to hopefully maximise the number of people that we can help and to allow people to get together with ourselves to network with other like-minded individuals.  Our ultimate aim is for these events to be a hub of innovating ideas within the psychology world.



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