Why I chose Educational Psychology…….Amber’s Story

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have the follow up of Amber Hayday’s story on her journey to becoming an EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST! Amber is a real inspiration to the next generation of psychologists as her passion and drive have no bounds. This is only one of the reasons why Amber has chosen Educational Psychology as her pathway. Just remember that knowledge is power!


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I have always wanted to work in the education sector. During my GCSE’s I was deciding between pursuing a career as a primary school or textiles teacher. When choosing my A-Levels I attended the Psychology open day. I loved the variety of the course and the child, developmental and educational aspects really appealed to me.


“Education is powerful as it not only develops children academically but socially, physically and emotionally”

  Amber Hayday (2019)


During my A-Levels, I began volunteering in schools. I loved working with children and young adults with special educational needs (SEN). When students got that “light bulb” moment in lessons; it gave me such a rewarding feeling.

I knew that this was something I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing; from this point, I’ve always wanted to be an Educational Psychologist.

Education is powerful as it not only develops children academically but socially, physically and emotionally. I have a strong belief that no child or young person should be excluded from opportunities to learn, laugh, live and love. I want to continue to create an inclusive community by challenging the stigma that still hangs around special education and disability.


“I chose this specialism because I love learning new things”

  Amber Hayday (2019)


I chose this specialism because I love learning new things – education and Psychology are constantly updating due to new research and policy reforms. This gives me opportunities to understand new conditions and interventions to support the progression of students. The role that Educational Psychologist play continues to change. With recent government initiatives, more attention is focusing on the mental health of children and young people.

In my current role as an Education Support Worker (ESW), I applied educational psychology concepts to support the learners I work with. I enjoy reflecting on my own practice, this is so important, so I can give the best to my learners but also develop professionals.

Educational Psychology is not confined to schools, colleges and universities. Learning is life long, this discipline can be applied in community centres, scouts, sports clubs and Girlguiding groups just to name a few. I would strongly suggest that leaders of groups like these seek ways we can motive and inspire children and young people. They are the future.


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