Why Indeed Is Better Than NHS Jobs For Finding Jobs

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week, we have a slightly different article for all you Psychology Graduates. We believe the best strategy in finding your perfect job in 2019 is to not solely rely on NHS jobs. We have found in our experience (and the experience of many) that Indeed gives Psychology Graduates way more opportunities than NHS jobs. This is why we thought to write this article, to give graduates some handy tips in getting ahead of the crowd before these competitive jobs adverts close. Within this article, we discuss why we think that Indeed is better than NHS jobs.


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NHS Posts On Indeed

Ok, so the first reason why Indeed is better than NHS jobs in finding jobs is that some NHS trusts will advertise their jobs on Indeed alongside NHS jobs. This means that you can do a quick search on Indeed and have relevant jobs pop up. This is exactly what I would do on a regular basis back when I was looking for Assistant Psychologist positions. I would literally type in “Psychology jobs” and then my location in the search bar and hundreds of jobs would come up and many from the NHS Jobs website. This also gave me an advantage over others as I was able to see jobs quicker than others as some NHS jobs would be ranked at the top of the search term so I would see the best jobs quicker than if I was trolling through NHS jobs (which can be such a nightmare).


PsychAssist Tip: Indeed has also made it easier for you to find your perfect job. I used to type into Google “Psychology jobs 2018” and the first thing that would come up was Indeed ready with all the latest jobs that had come out that month. This made life so much easier to navigate through the latest opportunities.



“This could give Psychology Graduates more meaningful experience”

  PsychAssist (2019)



Charities Advertise Mental Health Jobs

One of the best reasons why Indeed is better than NHS jobs is that charities will also advertise their roles here. One of the major misconceptions that Psychology Graduates have is that NHS positions are the only jobs that will help you progress. This couldn’t be further from the truth as it’s not where you work that is important, but the quality of the experience that you get. Often, charities will expose you to a wide range of experiences more than if you had the same role within the NHS. This could give Psychology Graduates more meaningful experience that will ultimately help them in progressing in their careers. These types of opportunities would be lost if you only looked on NHS Jobs.

PsychAssist Tip: Look at mental health charities like MIND and REACH as sometimes they will advertise their own vacancies on their websites rather than on other websites. This would be perfect for someone who is looking for Trainee PWP jobs as they often recruit these positions.  



“This makes life so much easier as you’re always one email away from finding your dream job”

  PsychAssist (2019)



Indeed Finds You Jobs

Now I know that NHS jobs have an email system that sends you updates on vacancies that fit your criteria, however, in my experience, Indeed will send you jobs that are better matched to what you need. We don’t know exactly how it works but it appears that it will examine the jobs that you often look at and if there’s one that pops up in your location, you get an email letting you know. I still get emails about AP & trainee PWP roles within my area which would be very helpful if I was still looking for these roles. This makes life so much easier as you’re always one email away from finding your dream job.

PsychAssist Tip: It would still be a good idea to set up the NHS jobs email notification as well as the one for Indeed. This way, you’re always covered in the hunt in finding your next job. You have no idea how much this will help you down the line.





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