3 University Tricks That Got Me To The Doctorate!

Hello and WELCOMEto PsychAssist. As you may have heard, I have recently got onto a Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology. This means that many Psychology Students have started asking about tricks and tips for when they are studying and if there are any ways to ensure getting the top grades. Well, this made us think about all the things we have done to get good grades whilst at University. This week we’ll explore the 3 University tricks that got me to the doctorate.   Continue reading 3 University Tricks That Got Me To The Doctorate!

The Benefits of Research Experience

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Lately we have received lots of messages on Social Media from Psych Student/Grads asking whether they should be looking to gain to research experience. Research experience comes in many forms and within this article; we will break down The Benefits of Research Experience. Continue reading The Benefits of Research Experience

How To Choose The Right Dissertation Topic?

So its Dissertation season for most of you undergraduate students and masters students. Now we know that many of you will most probably have an idea in your head and you’ve probably sat down with your supervisor to discuss these but we’re here to give you some tips that just might get you that distinction. Within this post we will discuss the 3 tips on how you can choose the right dissertation topic and get the best grade possible. Continue reading How To Choose The Right Dissertation Topic?

How to Get More Participants for Your Study

Ok now that Christmas is out the way and the New Year is well and truly underway, many Psych Students are starting to think about that scary dissertation project. Recently, we have had a huge surge in Psych students asking how they can get more participants for their research project as time is very precious at this stage. Never fear, PsychAssist is here and within this post we will give you 3 tips on how you can ensure you have enough participants for your study. If you follow these tips, you’ll have people queuing up to complete your study. Continue reading How to Get More Participants for Your Study

The 4 Fundamentals of Research

This is a guest post by Dr Liam Satchell, who has come a long way from failing his Psychology A level to completing his PhD and is now a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of West London’s Department of Law and Criminology. His research focuses on the use of personality psychology in forensic and security settings and has worked with educational, animal welfare and political psychology research. Liam is passionate about getting undergraduate (UG) students and the public involved in the research process. He has created UG-focused research teams like the First Real Impressions and Engagement in Naturalistic Designs (FRIENDS) group and frequently gives talks about the nature of forensic psychology research to children, families and older adults. Continue reading The 4 Fundamentals of Research