How to Apply For A PhD….Serkan’s Story (part 6)

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This weeks guest article is another one from Serkan Avlik. This time he comes with a slightly clearer view of what he would like to do in the future and as you can guess from the title, he’s thinking of going down the PhD route. This is his account of…

How Grit & Determination Leads To Success…Olivia’s Story

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have an AMAZING guest post by Olivia Mohtady who is an aspiring psychologist. This article perfectly encapsulates all the feelings and frustrations that many psychology graduates experience when they are looking for their first roles. Nevertheless, Olivia is proof that with hard work, grit, and determination, anything is possible. This is her story from lost graduate to leading research within a new cool mental health start-up company in London.

How To Become A Research Assistant

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have a very special guest article from Hannah Nnanna who is a research assistant. She is living proof of how one simple email to your old lecturer can lead to a career in research. This is her story of how much she learnt whilst being a research assistant. All the trials and tribulations where worth it for the end result! This is truly a special article.