3 Ways To Reduce Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is something that we all face, ESPECIALLY amongst Psych Grads; however have you ever thought of ways that you can reduce this feeling? This is an issue that even we are faced with however; we have identified strategies that have helped us. That’s why within this post we will explore 3 ways in which you can Reduce Imposter Syndrome and take your development to the NEXT LEVEL! Continue reading 3 Ways To Reduce Imposter Syndrome

What to Expect in A Clinical Doctorate Interview

As you may be aware, IT’S CLINICAL DOCTORATE APPLICATION SEASON! Which probably means that you’re stressing about getting your application in, whilst silently hoping that this is your year to get onto the course? Nevertheless, have you ever asked yourself, “What actually happens at a Clinical Doctorate Interview?” This is something may of Psychology Graduates ask; however there is hardly any information out there on this topic. Within this post we will discuss the 3 main elements of ANY Clinical Doctorate Interview. Continue reading What to Expect in A Clinical Doctorate Interview

Mind-set of an Assistant Psychologist

I hear a lot of Psychology Graduates and Students speak about what it takes to be an Assistant Psychologist. You hear so many different answers to this question; however not a lot about the mind-set you develop as an Assistant Psychologist. Most Assistant Psychologists find it difficult to acknowledge that there thought processes and thinking has changed considerably since they first took on the role as an Assistant. This gave us the idea of researching the main mental paradigm shifts nearly all Assistant Psychologists go through to give Students & Graduates an idea of what’s to come. Continue reading Mind-set of an Assistant Psychologist