Why The Clinical Doctorate Isn’t For Me….Serkan’s Story

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Recently, our friend Serkan has gone through a huge transition in his life. He decided to no longer pursue the CLINICAL DOCTORATE! However, his reasoning is quite a sound when you take into consideration his thought processes. This is why within his article, he explains why he came to this decision and why others should consider the same.

Why Admin Staff Will Make or Break Your Career

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. In this week’s article we talk about a crucial topic that could make or break your career. Within services, admin staff are widely underrated and quite frankly undervalued by services. This is also something that Graduates really take for granted which could be detrimental to your progress within your chosen discipline. This week, we explore Why Admin Staff Will Make or Break Your Career.

NHS Experience VS Private Experience

This is an age-old question that we seem to be asked over and over again. “PsychAssist I’ve been offered a job but it’s within a private service and I don’t know if this will hinder me in the future as it’s not a NHS post. What should I do?” Sound familiar? Ok before we get into the pros and cons of working in private practice or the NHS, you must know one thing. BOTH TYPES OF SERVICES ARE VALUED EXACTLY THE SAME IN THE EYES OF YOUR FUTURE EMPLOYER! You will not be hindered if you opt to take a position within a private service or even a charity. As long as you display the ability to reflect on your experience then you’ll be fine.