3 Non-Clinical Things You Can Do With A Psychology Degree

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. One of our most popular articles (and most popular YouTube video)is the 6 jobs for a psychology graduate straight out of University. This article has helped tens of thousands of psychology graduate find their way in this career path. However, there were many that would ask us, “but what if I don’t want to do anything clinical? What can I do then?” This is why we thought we’d write this article, to give those who want to follow a different path, but still using their psychology degree. Continue reading 3 Non-Clinical Things You Can Do With A Psychology Degree


Timeline: Clinical Psychology Doctorate Application Process

It’s that time of year again. You know that air of optimism from Psychology Graduates feeling confident that this is “Their Year” to get onto the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. Nevertheless if you’re a recent graduate (and anything like I was), you probably have never heard of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. This inspired us to make a timeline for all you “new” Psychology Graduates to the application season. Within this article we will discuss each stage of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate and when you are likely to hear from the different Universities. Continue reading Timeline: Clinical Psychology Doctorate Application Process

Mind-set of an Assistant Psychologist

I hear a lot of Psychology Graduates and Students speak about what it takes to be an Assistant Psychologist. You hear so many different answers to this question; however not a lot about the mind-set you develop as an Assistant Psychologist. Most Assistant Psychologists find it difficult to acknowledge that there thought processes and thinking has changed considerably since they first took on the role as an Assistant. This gave us the idea of researching the main mental paradigm shifts nearly all Assistant Psychologists go through to give Students & Graduates an idea of what’s to come. Continue reading Mind-set of an Assistant Psychologist

So What do PWP’s Actually Do?

This is a question I hear more and more Psychology Graduates ask me. This is the job role that would be ideal for any Graduate looking to put all the learnt theory into practice; however UNIVERSITIES DON’T PROMOTE THIS JOB ROLE ENOUGH in my opinion. I remember when I first decided I wanted to pursue a career in Psychology; I thought my days would consist of seeing clients and then formulating what they needed for the next session. I was shocked that it took me A WHOLE YEAR OUT OF UNIVERSITY to find such a job role that I could have jumped into straight away without needing a doctorate. If you’re interested in knowing what this magical job role consists of then read below on WHAT PWP’s ACTUALLY DO. Continue reading So What do PWP’s Actually Do?

The 4 Fundamentals of Research

This is a guest post by Dr Liam Satchell, who has come a long way from failing his Psychology A level to completing his PhD and is now a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of West London’s Department of Law and Criminology. His research focuses on the use of personality psychology in forensic and security settings and has worked with educational, animal welfare and political psychology research. Liam is passionate about getting undergraduate (UG) students and the public involved in the research process. He has created UG-focused research teams like the First Real Impressions and Engagement in Naturalistic Designs (FRIENDS) group and frequently gives talks about the nature of forensic psychology research to children, families and older adults. Continue reading The 4 Fundamentals of Research

Why you Should Join the BPS

We wrote an article a few weeks back that received a lot of attention called Why You Shouldn’t Join The BPS!. As you know, PsychAssist aims to give all Students and Graduates a balanced view of life after University. Some of you may choose to join the British Psychological Society (BPS) and some of you may not. What matters is that you have ALL of the information, so you can make your own mind up. Within this article, we will explore the 3 Reasons why you Should Join the BPS. Continue reading Why you Should Join the BPS