Lessons From An MSc Graduate

With more people choosing to undertake an undergraduate degree in psychology, many people are opting to obtain a master’s degree. Therefore, after submitting my final thesis on Monday finishing my MSc in Health Psychology, here are three important things I learnt during my masters; Continue reading Lessons From An MSc Graduate

The 4 Fundamentals of Research

This is a guest post by Dr Liam Satchell, who has come a long way from failing his Psychology A level to completing his PhD and is now a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of West London’s Department of Law and Criminology. His research focuses on the use of personality psychology in forensic and security settings and has worked with educational, animal welfare and political psychology research. Liam is passionate about getting undergraduate (UG) students and the public involved in the research process. He has created UG-focused research teams like the First Real Impressions and Engagement in Naturalistic Designs (FRIENDS) group and frequently gives talks about the nature of forensic psychology research to children, families and older adults. Continue reading The 4 Fundamentals of Research

Why you DON’T Need an MSc in Psychology

Previously PsychAssist wrote an article on the 5 Reasons why you should have a Masters in Psychology which received a lot of attention and sparked a lot of conversations. Nevertheless, since that article was published, we have been inundated with enquiries from Students and Graduates wanting to know if their situation warranted an MSc. This gave us an idea. The only information currently out there are University propaganda campaigns that lure unsuspecting Psychology Graduates to spend even more money on a MSc course, even when they DON’T need one. Within this post, we will discuss the 3 reasons why you DON’T need an MSc in Psychology (Universities are going to hate me for this…….). Continue reading Why you DON’T Need an MSc in Psychology