NHS Experience VS Private Experience

This is an age-old question that we seem to be asked over and over again. “PsychAssist I’ve been offered a job but it’s within a private service and I don’t know if this will hinder me in the future as it’s not a NHS post. What should I do?” Sound familiar? Ok before we get into the pros and cons of working in private practice or the NHS, you must know one thing. BOTH TYPES OF SERVICES ARE VALUED EXACTLY THE SAME IN THE EYES OF YOUR FUTURE EMPLOYER! You will not be hindered if you opt to take a position within a private service or even a charity. As long as you display the ability to reflect on your experience then you’ll be fine. Continue reading NHS Experience VS Private Experience

What to Expect in A Clinical Doctorate Interview

As you may be aware, IT’S CLINICAL DOCTORATE APPLICATION SEASON! Which probably means that you’re stressing about getting your application in, whilst silently hoping that this is your year to get onto the course? Nevertheless, have you ever asked yourself, “What actually happens at a Clinical Doctorate Interview?” This is something may of Psychology Graduates ask; however there is hardly any information out there on this topic. Within this post we will discuss the 3 main elements of ANY Clinical Doctorate Interview. Continue reading What to Expect in A Clinical Doctorate Interview

Timeline: Clinical Psychology Doctorate Application Process

It’s that time of year again. You know that air of optimism from Psychology Graduates feeling confident that this is “Their Year” to get onto the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. Nevertheless if you’re a recent graduate (and anything like I was), you probably have never heard of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate. This inspired us to make a timeline for all you “new” Psychology Graduates to the application season. Within this article we will discuss each stage of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate and when you are likely to hear from the different Universities. Continue reading Timeline: Clinical Psychology Doctorate Application Process