The Pros & Cons Of A Permanent Contract

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. We know that one of the struggles of being a Psychology Graduate is the constant shifting of job roles and populations. We get told on a regular basis that in order to get onto a Psychology Doctorate course, you must have experience in many different populations. However, what about those who managed to bag a little bit of security by gaining a permanent contract? I mean, what happened to being an inch wide and a mile deep? Why is there such scarcity when it comes to employers giving psychology graduates permanent contracts? This is why we thought we’d explore the Pros & Cons of a permanent contract and whether this should be the way forward for our profession. Continue reading The Pros & Cons Of A Permanent Contract

Is Post Uni Depression A Thing?

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we’ll explore a very sensitive topic to most graduates which Is Post Uni Depression. This is something that, upon reflection, I personally went through and really affected me after graduation. Looking back, there were 3 main reasons why I felt like this which coincidentally, is shared by many graduates that contact us. This is something that we believe effects many graduates, however is very rarely spoken about. We hope that this will help many graduates understand that they are not alone and this is actually very common. Continue reading Is Post Uni Depression A Thing?