What It’s Like Being A Support Worker With Little Support…Kiera’s Story

Hello and WELCOMEto PsychAssist. This week’s article comes from Kiera Frost who as of last August, was a support worker within a private hospital. She followed the same route as most hopeful psychology graduates; however, faced many extreme challenges during her time as a support worker. This is a perfect example of how working within a service with very little support can have an effect on your mental health. This is part of Kiera’s story of What It’s Like Being A Support Worker With Little Support.

Why You Should Never Sacrifice Your Mental Health For Mental Health Services

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have an article from a former mental health support worker who left their job to save their struggling mental health. The individual who wishes to remain anonymous discusses their experience as a support worker in an adult inpatient unit. This has to be one of the most eye-opening articles that we have ever published!

What It’s Really Like Working In An Inpatient Hospital!

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have another great entry by Serkan all about his experience of going from an HCA to an ASSISTANT PSYCHOLOGIST within an adult inpatient service. Serkan gives some really amazing tips for Psychology graduates who wish to pursue a career in mental health all from his own experiences of working within the field. This truly is an amazing article!