How to Apply For A PhD….Serkan’s Story (part 6)

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This weeks guest article is another one from Serkan Avlik. This time he comes with a slightly clearer view of what he would like to do in the future and as you can guess from the title, he’s thinking of going down the PhD route. This is his account of…

How Grit & Determination Leads To Success…Olivia’s Story

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have an AMAZING guest post by Olivia Mohtady who is an aspiring psychologist. This article perfectly encapsulates all the feelings and frustrations that many psychology graduates experience when they are looking for their first roles. Nevertheless, Olivia is proof that with hard work, grit, and determination, anything is possible. This is her story from lost graduate to leading research within a new cool mental health start-up company in London.

How To Become A Research Assistant

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have a very special guest article from Hannah Nnanna who is a research assistant. She is living proof of how one simple email to your old lecturer can lead to a career in research. This is her story of how much she learnt whilst being a research assistant. All the trials and tribulations where worth it for the end result! This is truly a special article.

How Gratitude Changed My Life….Serkan’s Story (Part 5)

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have another installment of Serkan’s story. This time around, Serkan gives us an update on his journey and the highs and lows of taking a break from the psychology world. He also speaks about his time as a waiter and how this has kept him humble and grateful for everything that he has (Very similar to my Pizza Hut experience!). Just goes to show that some setbacks are actually blessings in disguise and this is exactly the case for Serkan. We hope you enjoy this installment of his journey.

Why Indeed Is Better Than NHS Jobs For Finding Jobs

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week, we have a slightly different article for all you Psychology Graduates. We believe the best strategy in finding your perfect job in 2019 is to not solely rely on NHS jobs. We have found in our experience (and the experience of many) that Indeed gives Psychology Graduates way more opportunities than NHS jobs. This is why we thought to write this article, to give graduates some handy tips in getting ahead of the crowd before these competitive jobs adverts close. Within this article, we discuss why we think that Indeed is better than NHS jobs.

Why I chose Educational Psychology…….Amber’s Story

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have the follow up of Amber Hayday’s story on her journey to becoming an EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST! Amber is a real inspiration to the next generation of psychologists as her passion and drive have no bounds. This is only one of the reasons why Amber has chosen Educational Psychology as her pathway. Just remember that knowledge is power!

The Worst Thing About Being A Trainee Psychologist

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week’s article is a complete REALITY CHECK for all you aspiring psychologists. Previously, we wrote the worst thing about being an assistant psychologist back when I was an AP. This time around, we explore the worst things about being a trainee along with things that you can do to make trainee life that little bit easier. Hopefully, this article will show psychology graduates that the grass isn’t greener on the other side!

Mixing Acting With My Psychology Degree? Serkan’s Story (part 4)

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we continue with Serkan’s story of how he is navigating through his psychology career. As we read in his previous articles, he has decided to abandon his plans of pursuing the Clinical Psychology Doctorate and this appears to have left him momentarily aimless. However, within this article, he describes how he is slowly pricing his vision back together and even thinking of merging his two passions to create his own lane within the Psychology world. 

3 Non-Clinical Things You Can Do With A Psychology Degree

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. One of our most popular articles (and most popular YouTube video)is the 6 jobs for a psychology graduate straight out of University. This article has helped tens of thousands of psychology graduate find their way in this career path. However, there were many that would ask us, “but what if I don’t want to do anything clinical? What can I do then?” This is why we thought we’d write this article, to give those who want to follow a different path, but still using their psychology degree.

What it’s like being an Educational Support Worker

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have a guest article from Amber Hayday who is an Educational Support Worker, gives her insight into what it’s like having this role. Amber is an aspiring Educational Psychologist and her account and experience demonstrate a good way of gaining relevant experience to pursue this career path. This is why we wanted to publish this article to give you a blueprint of one way to become an Educational Psychologist.

How PsychGrads Can Dominate 2019!

Hello and WELCOME to the first PsychAssist article of 2019! In this article, we will explain how PsychGrads can Dominate 2019 by implementing a few helpful tips. Over the final months of 2018, we reflected on where the world of psychology is heading and how PsychGrads can get ahead of the crowd. There were many things that we thought of however there were only 3 that we felt were the most important for PsychGrads to know in 2019.

100th PsychAssist Article! Where We’ve Come And Where We’re Going

Hello and WELCOME to the 100tharticle for PsychAssist. This is an incredible milestone and we wanted to celebrate this in the only way we know how (with an article of course). Within this article, we wanted to share with our readers on how we’ve helped shape the world of psychology in our own unique way along with what our plans are for the future. We also wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone that has ever liked/shared/commented on anything that we have produced! WE DO THIS FOR YOU! Here’s to the next 100 articles!

Why Assistant Psychologist Positions Are Dying Out!

Hello & WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week’s article is all about something that we have been noticing in the past couple of months. Assistant Psychologist roles seem to be on the decrease. Recently, we have been asking why this is happening and 3 main themes have been coming up quite a bit. Therefore, we will explore Why Assistant Psychologist Positions Are Dying Out!

What It’s Like Being A Support Worker With Little Support…Kiera’s Story

Hello and WELCOMEto PsychAssist. This week’s article comes from Kiera Frost who as of last August, was a support worker within a private hospital. She followed the same route as most hopeful psychology graduates; however, faced many extreme challenges during her time as a support worker. This is a perfect example of how working within a service with very little support can have an effect on your mental health. This is part of Kiera’s story of What It’s Like Being A Support Worker With Little Support.

Why The Clinical Doctorate Isn’t For Me….Serkan’s Story

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Recently, our friend Serkan has gone through a huge transition in his life. He decided to no longer pursue the CLINICAL DOCTORATE! However, his reasoning is quite a sound when you take into consideration his thought processes. This is why within his article, he explains why he came to this decision and why others should consider the same.

3 University Tricks That Got Me To The Doctorate!

Hello and WELCOMEto PsychAssist. As you may have heard, I have recently got onto a Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology. This means that many Psychology Students have started asking about tricks and tips for when they are studying and if there are any ways to ensure getting the top grades. Well, this made us think about all the things we have done to get good grades whilst at University. This week we’ll explore the 3 University tricks that got me to the doctorate.  

Everything You Need To Include In A Doctorate Personal Statement

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. As you may be aware of, it’s getting close to the end of application season. Many hopefuls may have already sent off their applications however, there are many who are still stuck on one pesky element of the application. THE PERSONAL STATEMENT! That is why we thought we’d lend a hand on Everything You Need To Include In A Doctorate Personal Statement. Now we know there are many things that you need to include and every university is different, however, there are 3 main themes that, if you include will boost your chances. Good luck to everyone who is applying.

What Other Psychology Doctorates Can I Do?

Hello & WELCOME to PsychAssist. We receive a lot of messages from psychology graduates who are aspiring to get onto the Clinical Psychology Doctorate course. As you know, getting onto this type of doctorate is SUPER competitive and sadly not everyone will get a place. However, have you ever thought about different options of doctorates that could give you the same competencies as the clinical doctorate?  Within this article, we explore the different options psychology graduates have instead of the clinical psychology doctorate course.

Why You Should Never Sacrifice Your Mental Health For Mental Health Services

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have an article from a former mental health support worker who left their job to save their struggling mental health. The individual who wishes to remain anonymous discusses their experience as a support worker in an adult inpatient unit. This has to be one of the most eye-opening articles that we have ever published!

How To Get An Assistant Psychologist Job With NO Experience

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. We receive lots of messages from Psychology Graduates asking how they could land their first Assistant Psychologist job? Often, they will say things like “I don’t have any AP experience” or “How do you get experience without having experience?” We know how stressful this can be so we thought we could lend a hand in this department. This is why we thought we’d give you some secret tips on how you can get an Assistant Psychologist job without having experience.

What It’s Really Like Working In An Inpatient Hospital!

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. This week we have another great entry by Serkan all about his experience of going from an HCA to an ASSISTANT PSYCHOLOGIST within an adult inpatient service. Serkan gives some really amazing tips for Psychology graduates who wish to pursue a career in mental health all from his own experiences of working within the field. This truly is an amazing article!

Why I Chose Health Psychology Instead of Clinical!

Hello and WELCOMEto PsychAssist! Recently we have been asked on many occasions as to why I decided to pursue the Health Psychology Doctorate instead of the Clinical Doctorate. This was a very unexpected decision on my part, however, something that has completely opened my eyes to a whole new world. This is why I wanted to share the reasons why I chose the road less travelled.

What They Don’t Tell You About Getting Onto A Doctorate

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. As you may already know, one of the PsychAssist team has recently been accepted onto a psychology doctorate. This is such an amazing opportunity however since coming down from the high, there appear to be certain things that were missed when sold the dream of a doctorate. Within this article, we will explore 3 things that they don’t tell you about getting onto a doctorate.

Everything You Need To Know About The Clinical Doctorate Application

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. As you know it’s application season and for many hopefuls, this is the first time that you’re applying for the clinical psychology doctorate course. Well (as always), PsychAssist is here to help! Within this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about that so called “scary” application form.

How Health Psychology Should Dominate Instagram Culture

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Previously, we wrote an article called “What Will Psychology Look Like In 2030?” which received a lot of attention! In particular the point around Health Psychology becoming a huge part of the field. Within this article, we will explore how we think this will happen and also how Health Psychology should pivot into the mainstream.  Spoiler alert! Social media (especially Instagram) will be the key to unlock Health Psychology’s potential.

A Week in the Life of a Support Worker

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. We have received hundreds of messages from recent Psychology Graduates asking us about their next steps in their career. We often urge them to become Support Workers, however we are repeatedly met with comments like “I’m not cleaning someones backside!”. This couldn’t be further from the truth which is why we wrote this article from a support worker to show you what Support Worker life is actually like. This is something we wish we knew back when we started our careers.

Are PWP’s The New Assistant Psychologists?

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Lately, we have received a lot of messages from recent Psychology Graduates asking whether they should pursue Assistant Psychologist jobs or to go down the PWP route. This is a very controversial topic but one that we thought we had to address as it is a question many Psychology Graduates have. Within this article, we will explore whether or not PWP’s are becoming the new AP’s.

3 Skills Before You Apply For Assistant Psychologist Roles

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. It’s that time of year again where many Assistant Psychologists are about to leave their posts to take up their places on the clinical doctorate. This means that there will be a fresh batch of hopefuls looking to fill their spots, which could be you.  However, how do you know if you’re ready for an AP role? Within this post we will explore the 3 qualities you NEED to have before applying for AP roles.

What Will Psychology Look Like In 2030?

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Lately, we’ve been noticing some trends within the world of psychology which are very exciting. So much so that we thought that we should write an article on the topic (partly to give you information and partly to say “we told you so” in 10 years’ time). With the ever-changing world, we know how scary it can be to try to navigate through and succeed within this space. That’s why we thought we’d give you our thoughts and predictions on things to look out for in the years to come.

Is PWP The Most Secure Route For Psychology Graduates?

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Last week, we released an article discussing what Psychology Graduates should expect within a Trainee PWP interview. Since we released that article, we have been inundated with messages on whether or not Psychology Graduates should pursue Trainee PWP roles or Assistant Psychologist roles. This gave us the inspiration to show our readers the potential career progression within the IAPT service if you did want to remain as a PWP.  

What To Expect In A Trainee PWP Interview

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. Ok so it’s coming to that time of year again, where you might start to see an influx of Trainee PWP positions ready to start in September. Now for some of you, you may have applied before and received an interview but due to not being prepared, fell short of getting a place. Nevertheless, as always, PsychAssist is here to help! Within this post, we will explore What to Expect in A Trainee PWP Interview.

Does the NHS Pay Rise Mean the End of Clinical Psychology Training?

Hello and WELCOME to PsychAssist. The past couple of weeks we have received many questions from ASPIRING psychologists enquiring about the new NHS pay rise for staff. The main concerns people had, were the potential implication this could have on the current funded places on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate course. This is something that we have actually thought about and therefore we thought we would gain the opinions of Qualified Psychologists. Within this post, we will explore whether the new NHS pay rise for staff means the end of funded Clinical Psychology Doctorate places.

The Best Kept Secret Psych Grads Don’t Know About!

Hello and WELCOME to another great article by PsychAssist. Over the past couple of weeks, we have received loads of messages from Psych Students and Psych Grads asking about any secret hints and tips some of the top psychologists in the country have used to get ahead. This initially seemed Ludacris as there wasn’t one simple trick to get a head in psychology; however, we did notice a pattern from top psychologists and one attribute was always evident. Within this post, we will give you that one skill that’s needed for you to get a head in psychology. I guess the secrets out!

So What Is Formulation and How Do Psychologists Use It?

Hello and welcome to another great article by PsychAssist. Recently we have had many Psych Students and Grads ask us about this “scary thing” called Formulation and more specifically how to use it. This is a topic we grappled with for many years until it was broken down by a Clinical Psychologist once we had entered the working world. This apparent scary and “very professional” topic was actually not as daunting it seemed and this is exactly why we at PsychAssist would like to show you (in basic terms) what Formulation is and how you already Use it every day.

4 Things Every Assistant Psychologist Should know

Recently, we at PsychAssist have received a large number of messages, particularly from new Assistant Psychologists, asking for our advice on what they need to know as AP’s. This sparked an idea for an article as every Psychology Graduates dreams of landing an Assistant Psychologist job; however once they achieve this, they develop a sudden onset of Imposter Syndrome. Within this post we aim to explore the 4 things every new Assistant Psychologists should know before they begin this chapter of their lives. Hopefully you pick up some tips that will help you develop into the clinician we know you’re capable of being.


If you haven’t heard already, ITS CLINICAL DOCTORATE APPLICATION SEASON, and here at PsychAssist were on a mission to give all you Doctorate hopefuls all the information you need. Now this post was one we have waited a long time to publish. Over the years, we have heard some absolutely outrageous MYTHS by Psychology Graduates who one day hopes to get onto clinical training. We therefore decided to, once and for all, get rid of the myths frequently told to Psychology Graduates about getting onto the Clinical Psychology Doctorate Course. So here are just a few that we have heard; I guarantee you’ve heard some of these as well.

So What do PWP’s Actually Do?

This is a question I hear more and more Psychology Graduates ask me. This is the job role that would be ideal for any Graduate looking to put all the learnt theory into practice; however UNIVERSITIES DON’T PROMOTE THIS JOB ROLE ENOUGH in my opinion. I remember when I first decided I wanted to pursue a career in Psychology; I thought my days would consist of seeing clients and then formulating what they needed for the next session. I was shocked that it took me A WHOLE YEAR OUT OF UNIVERSITY to find such a job role that I could have jumped into straight away without needing a doctorate. If you’re interested in knowing what this magical job role consists of then read below on WHAT PWP’s ACTUALLY DO.

Why you DON’T Need an MSc in Psychology

Previously PsychAssist wrote an article on the 5 Reasons why you should have a Masters in Psychology which received a lot of attention and sparked a lot of conversations. Nevertheless, since that article was published, we have been inundated with enquiries from Students and Graduates wanting to know if their situation warranted an MSc. This gave us an idea. The only information currently out there are University propaganda campaigns that lure unsuspecting Psychology Graduates to spend even more money on a MSc course, even when they DON’T need one. Within this post, we will discuss the 3 reasons why you DON’T need an MSc in Psychology (Universities are going to hate me for this…….).

Why You Shouldn’t Join The BPS!

There’s an internal national debate going on at this moment in time. Many Graduates and Qualified Psychologists are increasingly questioning their memberships to the BPS and wonder what VALUE they get from being a member. Yes it’s nice to have MBPsS next to your name, however most Students/graduates probably don’t even know what that means. This gave us the inspiration to look into this further and to gather opinions from different people (members and non-members) to weigh up the Pros and Cons of being a member. Within this post we will explore WHY YOU SHOULDN’T JOIN THE BPS.

The Worst things about being an Assistant Psychologist

For years I have heard many graduates say “you need to get an Assistant Psychologist role” and always view these posts as the be all and end all. I have been an Assistant Psychologist for years and granted it has been very rewarding and amazing at times. Nevertheless, no job is perfect so I thought I would write a post about the Worst Things about being an Assistant Psychologist that may help inform your decision when applying for these roles.

5 Application Mistakes by Psychology Graduates

This is a post that has been bubbling for a while. I’ve asked every psychologist I know within my trust and other trusts about the common mistakes they see in applications from Support Workers to Assistant Psychologist. A lot of the mistakes outlined below can easily be rectified and hopefully land you that all important relevant job role. Do you recognise any of these common mistakes in your application?

So you got a 2:2, Now What?

Got a 2:2 and worrying your psychology career is over before it’s begun? YOU CAN DO A LOT WITH A 2:2!! Click in and know how we overcame our 2:2!

7 Themes in any Assistant Psychologist Interview

Have you ever wondered what kinds of questions are asked in an Assistant Psychologist interview? This is a HUGE issue for many Psych Grads across the country. Within this post we will explore the 7 Common Themes in any Assistant Psychologist Interview.

7 Commonalities of All Assistant Psychologists

Being rejected countless times for an Assistant Psychologist job? Tired of the generic feedback by employers? We’ve all been there! PsychAssist is here to help! Within this post we outline the 7 common traits of all Assistant Psychologists to help you obtaining that elusive AP role.

5 Tips on Getting that Assistant Psychologist Job

Do you want to know the 5 tips that every employer is looking for when hiring an Assistant Psychologist?I have identified 5 recurring tips that have helped many psychology graduates get that all-important Assistant post. Now the only question is, are you ready for the next level?